This blog is all about software architecture and software engineering. It’s about sharing good and bad experiences about being a developer, a lead developer and an architect and making tons of mistakes about how to develop, what to develop, why to develop, when to structure, how to communicate your structure (something else than : “I think it’s good but I can’t explain it…”), how to change your structure (you know this nice word : refactoring…) and many things like this.

I’ve been a developer since almost 20 years, I started as a Math teacher and then became a freelancer, worked for many kind of companies, from public sector to private, from gaming and entertainment to bank and insurance, from very small projects to very big ones, from few thousands to few millions euros/dollars. I was sometimes a developer alone in his forest, working remotely or sometimes on site with a team of 10 developers, as lead developer or as a junior, in Agile or in waterfall. I made lots of mistakes from small ones like typo to big one like killing an app for one hour used by 700000 users because the api was the test one (at least there was a config file that was updated every hour…).

I hope you will like it and you will find it helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment, add, change, destroy, hate, love but try to be objective (at least partially objective…).

Best regards.